Register – Fall 2011-2012 – Classes – New Grant Scholarships/Subsidies



Bilingual and Beginner Hebrew – Conversational and Reading/Writing, Israeli Dance Troupe, Israeli Childhood Games and Jewish Holidays/Israel classes, Adult Ulpan and Israeli Independence Day Poster Tales are all available.

Tuition for 2 hrs for children or adults is up to 40% off for a limited number of registrants. *Annual commitment required and reduced rates only until grant funds are exhausted.

Sign up for 1 to 4 hours on Sundays or Mondays.  Classes also available this Fall in the Del Mar School District as part of the after school enrichment program. Registration for the public school campuses begins 8/31!

Classes begin 9/11 for Sunday classes and 9/12 for Monday classes…

Flyers and Forms

Israeli cultural offerings strengthen Jewish and Israeli identity and provide a warm, connected Jewish community in San Diego.  Join us…

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