Learn Hebrew Pod – Podcast Hebrew Lessons

Ran across this site today and think its an interesting choice.  They have some free podcasts for download too.  I had to laugh – they teach the way I talk –  The 1/2 in English, 1/2 in Hebrew.  I love this though because for me – it shows me the way to conjugate the verb – you hear it, then they reinforce it.  For some it might be too distracting to hear the english though. http://www.learnhebrewpod.com/ is their web site. http://www.learnhebrewpod.com/search.asp?type=tag&phrase=intermediate&order=ASC  has the intermediate classes – you can hear the gist of them with samples there…. Read More

Shaar l’Matchil – Weekly Newspaper Current Events

This is a weekly publication that is available online and in print. It also provides the ability to hear it online (have it read to you) – i.e. it has audio files available for use. http://www.shaaronline.com/eng/

I Study Hebrew.com

This is another online option for Ivrit for adults and children.  I don’t have any experience with this program, but it appears to be a synchronous (live) program like Hebrew Online providing you the opportunity to engage with the professor and other students live during your class.  I really believe this method is ideal.  Seems worth checking out.  The link below takes you to the class information. http://istudyhebrew.com/index.asp