Israeli Theater, Speakers & Dancers

“Tarbut” or Culture, tastes of Israeli music, drama, dance, art, literature, primarily Israeli artists, and often in Hebrew.

Bira v’Nashira, June 2018
Bira v’Nashira, September 2017

Featuring Liron PeledLink to video!


The Wandering Israeli, September 10, 2016


Maholohet Israeli Dance Troupe, Ashekelon, May 2016


Ido Tadmor, Israeli Dancer & Choreographer with Mallashock Dance, March 2016


Chashmal, Israeli Play, November 2015



Gil Hovav, Israeli Food Critic, Food Wine and Stories, March 2015


Noga Niv, Author “Story from the Bubble” November, 2014


Michal Dalyot Super Nanny October, 2014


NEW EYES, a one woman show  – November 2011

A comedy – LAUGHTER & ISRAELI FOOD 18 Characters. 2 Countries. 1 Israeli Woman’s Struggle to Make it in Hollywood and maintain her Identity in America.  Flyer and Info

The event was a Benefit for the Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Center with a reception hour with Israeli Refreshments with representatives from Israel Trips, Year Programs and Israeli Style Summer Camps.

We partnered with AMN HealthCare, A Culture of Peace, Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa, Hillel, the House of Israel, One Happy Camper and the Jewish Federation and MASA.

Sponsored by the Bayit Yisraeli, Israeli Consulate in LA

My First Sony – November, 2010

מונודרמה זו מבוססת על ספרו של בני ברבש, הנושא את אותו השם. הסיפור מוצג מזוית ראייתו של יותם, ילד בן 11, העד לתהליך פירוק משפחתו ומקליט כל שהוא יכול על רשמקול הילדים שלו “הסוני הראשון שלי”. דיווחיו אודות האירועים הסובבים אותו, אותם הוא מקליט באדיקות, מגלים הן  את הכאב והן את ההומור הטמונים בהתבגרות, בכללם פרידת הוריו והסיום הבלתי נמנע של נישואיהם.

This monodrama is based on Benny Barbash’s book by the same title. This story is told from the point of view of a son, 11 year old Yotam, who is witness to his family’s breakup and records all he can on his children’s tape recorder, “My First Sony”. His close attention to all these events, which he faithfully reports and records, reveals both the painful and the humorous sides of the painful aspects of growing up, such as his parents’ separation and the inevitable ending of their marriage.

Sponsored by the Bayit Yisraeli, Israeli Consulate in LA

שבע מידות רעות

מאיה ערד: סופרת אורחת, מרכז טאוב ללימודי יהדות, אוניברסיטת סטנפורד הרצאה ודיון בעברית

Sheva Midot Raot – Seven Moral Failings – November 9, 2011

Maya Arad – Israeli Author and Writer in Residence, Taube Center for Jewish Studies, Stanford University.  Lecture and Discussion in Hebrew.

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