Founder Resources

San Diego Jewish Community Hackathon

Watch the video pitches to see San Diego’s own community members getting creative. Check out the winners of seed funds awarded there.

Idea Board

Browse the Idea Board to see what programs are hot in other Jewish communities.  See something you like?  Ask if you can bring it here!  Many of these programs are expanding and offering communities the opportunity to open their program too. Several Startup18 founders have experience doing just that.

Re-Kindle Activities

This is a list of programs that were offered at one time or another in San Diego.  There may still be interest in the community for these activities.  Often, the activity slowed or ended because a founder moved or moved on to something new.  If you see something here you are passionate about, we can likely connect you to the community that is interested and others who might help you re-kindle one of these activities.



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