The San Diego Jewish Community Hackathon, which will take place on 5/7/2017 bringing together diverse members of the community to brainstorm and create innovative programs and services to deepen and broaden Jewish engagement in our community.


Creative people wanted!  Share your skills and ideas at the Hackathon! 


This event is for you if you are one or more of any of the following:

A person with Ideas or a Joiner: who wants to work on something innovative

An Innovator: with a project idea(s) you want to workshop in a diverse team

A Catalyst: invested in creating a bright future for the San Diego Jewish community and wishing to apply your talent or share experiences to strengthen an Innovators project

Proposed projects should be in the early, or “idea” stage with minimal progress on operations. Early stage projects may also be eligible if they are prototyping a new program or market.

This jam-packed day of visioning and hacking will include:

  • Networking: Meet other Jewish community members interested in similar activities
  • Pitching: Share innovative ideas and find your dream team
  • Prototyping: Design, build, and test projects with talented techies, design geeks, marketers, educators and more
  • Learning: Grow your skills and exchange resources with experts and peers
  • Celebrating: the winners of seed fund prizes awarded to the top teams as determined by a panel of community Judges

Plus plenty of surprises to delight and inspire!

When: Sunday 5/7/2017, 12:00 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Where: Leichtag Commons, Encinitas, CA 92024
Contact: Jennie Starr, 858-201-6094 – jennie@startup18.org


Activities Start
Registration & Opening 12:00 PM
Registration, breakfast, opening remarks, and project pitching
Discover 1:00 PM
Review community user profiles, create user journeys, and identify trends and opportunities
Frame 1:35 PM
Generate and select a team “How Might We” design challenge
Prototype 1:55 PM
Build quick models of program solutions and get feedback
Pitch Preparation 3:30 PM
Prepare a 3-minute pitch
Pitching + Judging 3:50 PM
Final pitches, announcement of winners, and closing circle


3 Jewish Community Engagement Prizes: $2500 + 1 hr of PresenTense coaching*
2 Israel Community and/or Education Prizes: $2500 + 1 hr of PresenTense coaching*

*To be used for the continued development of the projects

PresenTense is a community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who employ entrepreneurship as a tool to enrich communal life, grow local economies and solve critical issues facing society.



What is our Hackathon?
Our Hackathon will begin with some participants pitching Jewish Community engagement program ideas. For example: “I want to do Yoga or Meditation in preparation for Jewish holidays with other Jewish community members who appreciate mindfulness”  Attendees form diverse teams around the ideas of interest to them. The teams spend the remainder of the time working towards prototypes that they present at the end of the day. The ideas themselves are crowd sourced and a panel of judges will determine the top solutions and allocate seed funds.
 Who should attend the San Diego Jewish Community Hackathon?
Any San Diego community member who is interested in helping transform Jewish San Diego with new programming that will engage our community in warm, interesting and appealing ways. 
 What kind of professionals will be in attendance?
We have recruited business professionals with marketing, business acceleration and program development to be additional resources for project teams.
 Can I bring a team from my Jewish organization?
You are more than welcome to have multiple attendees from your organization pitch ideas and also join teams, but each team may not be composed of more than two representatives from the same organization. 
Why are high school students invited?
The Hackathon is built around the principles of Design Thinking, which is “human centered innovation.” In this process, you begin by gathering information from the end user. Even if your end users are not high school students, they may still provide valuable insights from the youth perspective. In addition, we believe that co-creating Jewish engagement and education solutions will result in more creative and more appealing programs. 
 I have an idea that I would like to hack. What should I do?
When you register, indicate that you would like to pitch an idea and provide a brief description of what that idea is.
 Is there anything I can do before the event to be more prepared?

Because this event is only a single afternoon, the more you do prior to the event, the farther you may get. However, it is ok to do nothing prior to the event. For example, if you pitch an idea, you will need to spend time researching and brainstorming. This may mean that you might leave with a prototype plan, but not an actual prototype. So, you could get a head start by doing research, having a pilot event or vetting prototype or examples for an audience you are targeting to test their reactions and/or appeal. Feel free to bring your idea to the Jewish Engagement Lab to pitch it in front of other project founders for feedback. Jewish Engagement Lab workshops are on 4/20/2017, 4/27/2017 or 5/1/2017.  RSVP here!  Engaging in this process may cause you to realize that your idea needs a redesign or that it isn’t actually addressing the problem. You will then have time to pivot and construct a more relevant plan. Again, all of this is built into the structure of the event, too, so if you don’t get to this, don’t worry!

I don’t have an idea. Can I still attend?

Of course! Most attendees will not be pitching ideas. If you choose not to pitch, you will join a team to work on an idea that is of interest/value to you. In fact if you’re interested in getting started before the Hackathon we encourage you to join an Idea Round Table.
 I would like to register, but I might think of an idea later. Should I wait?
No register now as the event has limited attendance. You will always have the option of adding an idea to the pool. You can even show up on the morning of the event and pitch an idea.
 If I can pitch an idea on the morning of the event, why should I share it now?

If we know what your idea is in advance, we can make sure to recruit professionals in that area, as opposed to going with our best guess. In addition, we are encouraging use of the Covenant Foundation Voices app which you can use to film a short video pitch of your project. We’ll share the video to recruit people to the Hackathon who may find your project of interest. To film your pitch, download the app or click here and make your video from the web site. https://covenantfn.gvproapp.com/

 Will every idea be hacked?
Not necessarily. If fewer than three people are interested in your idea, the team will not progress. Instead, the individuals will join other teams.
 have an idea, but I’m not sure if it’s a good fit. What should I do?
Be in touch! Call Jennie Starr at 858-201-6094 x3 or email jennie@startup18.org for support. If you’d like to pitch it to a small group of Jewish innovators in San Diego, join a Jewish Engagement Lab workshop on 4/20/2017, 4/27/2017 or 5/1/2017.  RSVP here!
 Do I need to bring my own food?
No. Lunch and snacks (certified Kosher) will be served.
Who is Sponsoring San Diego’s Jewish Community Hackathon?

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of The Covenant Foundation, PresenTense Group and The Covenant Foundation selected three organizations to participate in the inaugural year of The PresenTense Community Hackathon.  The Community Hackathon is designed to galvanize local leaders to solve a key challenge related to Jewish education and engagement by generating, prototyping and integrating new solutions into their communities. Participating host institutions will receive training, in-kind support and $15,000 in funding to execute the program and seed the new ideas that emerge.  PresenTense received a strong and diverse applicant pool of 20+ forward-thinking institutions making compelling cases for the value that these innovative methodologies would bring to their work.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, and Tarbuton in San Diego have been selected as the host institutions in the first year.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation provided $5,o00 in funds through the Hackathon for Israel related programs.

Will There Be a Hackathon in 2017-2018?  How Can Donors Support This Process?
We would love to see an application process for projects on an annual basis. Individuals who want to support Jewish innovative projects are invited to join an amplifier giving circle established this year called the San Diego Jewish Community Innovation Fund.  The Tarbuton is committed to facilitating an annual Hackathon and encouraging the development of this giving circle as a stand alone private circle that could offer an application for a future Hackathon and/or unrelated grant application cycles for local projects.
What is the North County Hub and where is it?
North County Hub is a shared work space located at 441 Saxony Rd. Encinitas, CA 92024. We will be in Barn 2. The North County Hub is a creative and collaborative co-working space with a community of social entrepreneurs.  Hub members work together to create social, cultural and agricultural programs in North County and throughout San Diego.  Members are offered professional development opportunities to foster innovation, leadership, and encourage collaboration. Hub members “pay forward” the value of their membership by volunteering on our community educational farm, offering their skills to improve the physical Hub space, and holding “office hours” to share unique skills sets with other Hub members.
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