Steimatsky’s USA

This is the classic "Barnes & Noble" like bookstore in Israel.  There is a branch in the US and you can order online from them.  They seem to be generally higher priced than Sifrutake where I do most of my shopping.  But, its another option for books, CDs, DVDs and the like.  For most books they do provide the cover image and then a page that you can read to get a sense of the book.  I really like that – as otherwise you’re really guessing if the book is age… Read More

This site on the whole has religious texts, religious topics, etc.  So, it wouldn’t be my first choice for secular Hebrew books.  But, there are some good choices here so I’ll list the pages that are relevant. Children’s books are here: Bugs Bunny Books:–Friends-%28Hebrew%29/ Dr Seuss in Hebrew:—-%28Hebrew-translations%29/

Sifrutake – Great Place To Buy Hebrew Books

Looking to buy some Hebrew books for the kids? Music for you? Sifrutake has several location on the East coast and they keep a large variety of books for children and more on site. Visit: I use them frequently for my own purchases, and highly recommend them to work with if you have a group or class you run as well. They offer nice discounts for volume purchases and the staff there are warm, responsive and overall terrific to work with.