Tal Am – Hebrew Curriculum

There are two programs that are heavily utilized in the United States and the diaspora for Hebrew instruction.  Tal Am is one, the other is Neta.  The Tal Am web site is here: http://www.talam.org/ The program is geared to grades 1st-6th.   

Neta – Hebrew Curriculum/Training for Teachers

There are two programs that are heavily used in the United States and the diaspora for Hebrew.  One is Neta and the other is Tel Am.  The Neta site is located at: http://www.netahebrew.org/index.htm I don’t know much about this program, but the home page says its tailored to grades 7-12.  The program was created by Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

Chalav U’Dvash – Hebrew for Diaspora Pre-schoolers

This program is an unbelievable effort from the Jewish Agency for Israel. The program was developed in Jerusalem and intended to provide pre-schools with a complete program of Ivrit B’Ivrit in their curriculum complete with storybooks, floor mats, puppets, activities, teacher’s guides and yes even training. Visit their web site to learn more about the program. Chalav U’Dvash on the web What I love about this idea, though I don’t have any personal experience with it yet, is that it is a good happy medium between a full immersion program – 9-1… Read More