Habonim Dror – North America

Habonim has local youth group activities in what they call “Ken” programs and also offers seminars in multiple cities bringing kids together for Jewish & Israel Education and weaving Hebrew in the mix. Their summer camps can be found too all over North American and beyond. They have a gap year program as well. From their mission statements: To build a personal bond and commitment between North American Jewish youth and the State of Israel. To create Jewish leaders who will actualize the principles of social justice, equality, peace and coexistence in… Read More

Young Judaea

Young Judea programs are available in many cities, and a Gap Year program exists as well to travel to Israel. The programs are run in English. But, my the passion and love for Israel and desire to infuse and use Hebrew is there in these programs. http://www.youngjudaea.org/ There are a lot of Israeli families participating in these groups Nation wide, the program appeals to 2nd generation families in N. America. The focus is a fun, often outdoors, celebration of Israel and its a great way for 3rd-12th graders to learn about Jewish… Read More

Tzofim Israeli Scouts

While there are literally over a dozen Youth Groups operating in Israel, the more familiar names include Young Judea and Tzofim. Tzofim operates nearly 14 “Shvatim” or groups of weekly youth group activities in various North American cities.  They have a summer camp and Year long program. They are also known for their Shnat Sherut (Volunteer Year) and Garin Tzabar (Preparation for the Israeli Army) programs. http://www.israelscouts.org/