Chalav U’Dvash – Hebrew for Diaspora Pre-schoolers

This program is an unbelievable effort from the Jewish Agency for Israel. The program was developed in Jerusalem and intended to provide pre-schools with a complete program of Ivrit B’Ivrit in their curriculum complete with storybooks, floor mats, puppets, activities, teacher’s guides and yes even training. Visit their web site to learn more about the program. Chalav U’Dvash on the web What I love about this idea, though I don’t have any personal experience with it yet, is that it is a good happy medium between a full immersion program – 9-1… Read More

Kishkushim – Hebrew Speaking PlayGroup

This group meets mornings and is for babies to pre-school age. (Disclaimer: this group is one of mine as well) The meetings are play time for the kids, relaxing time for the Moms. A traditional playgroup, just with conversation in Hebrew. We have Mom’s Night Out and family events as well. Meetings are held in member homes and/or local parks. You can join the yahoo group to get reminders of the meeting and locations. The group has women from all over the County, Encinitas, Carmel Valley, La Jolla/UTC and more. Its… Read More

Ivrit b’Ivrit – San Diego

This is a program that was started in 1/06 for pre-schoolers ages 3-6. The program is taught ivrit b’ivrit by two excellent local pre-school teachers. Its fun, age appropriate songs, dance, games and art. The program is available twice/week in the late afternoons. Now the Tarbuton  with a variety of other programs for Israelis too in San Diego. The program is re-named Kef Li.