Bira v’Nashira @AMN Healthcare

Join us for the next Bira v’Nashira on June 3, 2018!   Tickets are available now HERE! We started a tradition  and Jewish circle of friends at Bira v’Nashira at a local Israeli restaurant with an incredible evening September, 2017.  Over 120 community members in a sold out program met that evening, sang, danced, ate and drank with friends.     Video of the first Bira v’Nashira @Sababa Kitchen below  

Music for Purim

These sites have a ton of music, mp3 files to hear the songs and also lyrics in English and Hebrew.  Not as many pdf downloads for sheet music as is available for other holidays. and  has tons of lyrics in Hebrew  

Music for Passover – Sheet Music & More

This site has a lot of the classics and more. Many songs are available for free as pdfs with either guitar and/or piano sheet music as well as lyrics.  Some lyrics are in Hebrew others just in English.