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Galit Shezifi

Israeli Book Group – מועדון ספר ישראלי Book club meets bi-monthly.  For Hebrew speaking adults who love Israeli fiction (Discussions in Hebrew). Occasional author speakers or joint events with Israeli film group. Mailing List –  email ימי שלישי פעם בחודשיים בשעה 7:30 בוחרים ספרים ביחד והפגישות מתקיימות  בבתים  פרטיים. דיונים מועדון הספר  הם  בעברית רשימת […]
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Diane BenAroya

CHAI5 COMMUNITY Founders Diane BenAroya CHAIFIVE Projects are non-profit projects designed by L’CHAIM Magazine to benefit aspiring writers, photographers, artists and the community. OUR TRIBE publishes lifecycle events your lifecycle events in our magazine AT NO CHARGE. MENSCHES OF SAN DIEGO features everyday portrayals of Jewish Life in San Diego. Check out Diane’s 1 minute […]
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Israeli Life USA – News

  This publication highlights life for Israeli communities in the US.  Currently on their site they provide news for the following cities: Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Florida, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Texas, and Boston.