Date: Wednesday, March 30th Time: 5:30-8:30 PM at The JCC – Garfield Theatre Location: JCC 4126 Executive Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037 RSVP: The LIKE Israel Teen Conference is an ‘expression’ forum for teens to become more educated about the issues that face Israel a​​nd​ sharpen their advocacy skills. At this year’s event, titled “Finding Your Voice” for Israel, the teens will be called on to create new ideas to amplify their voice in support using hands-on art forms such as graphic, creative and popular art. The teens will hear personal… Read More

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Programs Descriptions Here Israel Connection Preschool, K-4 for non native Hebrew speakers הקשר הישראלי לתלמידים דוברי עברית Sababa Hebrew Experience K-4 Dance/Rikudai Am K-4 Kesher K-3 for Hebrew Language Charter Students Public School Hebrew K-6 (Del Mar & Solana Beach. Request your District) Shorashim, a Cultural Bar/Bat Mitzvah 5-6 Israeli Dance Troupe 5-8 Tachles for Teens 6-8 & High School Credit Adult Hebrew Sababa Summer Hebrew Wednesdays Keep Your Child’s Hebrew Fresh This Summer! שמרו על העברית של ילדיכם גם בקיץ Dates: June 25-August 6 (7 Wednesdays) Locations: Del Cerro, Carmel Valley,… Read More

פתחנו את שנת הלימודים בתרבותון – the School year has started at the Tarbuton!