Tarbuton Class Testimonials

We make a difference and set the bar high!  The Tarbuton has been recognized locally and nationally and our parents, teachers and community have great things to say.

Parents & What They Have to Say

Orly Libhaber, Background: Mexican

I wanted to tell you that I think our teacher is doing a terrific job, alex just started and he is reading!!!! and Dalia is advancing very fast and they love the class. So thank you for all that! 🙂  Thanks again.  Orly

Ella Tour, Background: Israeli

I just wanted to thank you for providing the wonderful Hebrew lessons to my daughter Natalie over the course of this year. The Hebrew teacher was simply outstanding! Natalie’s progress in reading and writing was unbelievable: she started the year only barely knowing a few letters and by the end of it, she knew all the letters and was able to read many complex words! This was achieved primarily because of the outstanding skills of the teacher: she is energetic, very knowledgeable, very effective, and has a great connection with kids. The feedback and the weekly communication emails to the parents were also very helpful. Thank you! I would not believe that such progress is possible in just one year, but you made it happen.

Galit, Background: Israeli

The Tarbuton thinks outside the box to make sure we get the best; leveraging the IAC’s Sifriyat Pijama program, our Tarbuton teachers read Sifriyat Pijama books in class, and we read the same ones at home with the kids.  After reading the story twice this way, we were thrilled to hear our son using words from the book in his daily conversations with us; the vocabulary stuck in his memory and it is clearly helping to reinforce his spoken Hebrew and vocabulary.

Z, Background: American

I am a mother of 2 kids. My eldest is the kind that does all the ‘right’ things at the ‘right’ time. For her, the traditional path of Jewish Day school and synagogue Hebrew School to Bat Mitzvah and confirmation was fine and filled her needs for community and my desire to engage her with Judaism. For my second child, though, a very different path was needed. For him, synagogue-based Judaism and Bar Mitzvah on the Bemah was not just unacceptable, but pushed him farther away. I was so pleased to find the Tarbuton where there was another path. Here, he could concentrate on modern Hebrew language, including an emphasis on speaking with a goal of fluency. Through this, he can connect with modern Israel as a vibrant high tech country.

Maybe in the years ahead he will choose to explore traditional Judaism and maybe he won’t, but because he has the tool of Hebrew language skills he will be able to engage in Israel and future synagogue life if he wants. And we will have avoided the “Bar Mitzvah and then leave” phenomena that I have seen in so many others. By providing this alternative path, the Tarbuton program complements the synagogue programs and allows more Jews to learn and maintain their connection with our people and Israel.

Shoshi Barkai, Background: Israeli

We came here as students and stayed; all the family is back in Israel so Hebrew is very important to us. Our daughter is enjoying the Tarbuton programs since she was 2 years old and started with the keitana. She LOVES the wonderful warm teachers which helped her love what they teach…We can see that the programs are carefully chosen to assure kids success.  We were amazed by her recognizing Hebrew words and reading some after only a few Hebrew classes. She made many friends so her social calendar is booked 🙂 I can’t imagine what we have done without the Tarbuton!

Sarah Buzi, Background: American

The Tarbuton has made a great difference in the way my  5 year old daughter connects to Hebrew and Israel. The language has come to life, and with it the culture and the country. She  now asks us to teach her every day words, and tries to understand and recognize words when she hears spoken Hebrew.

Yael Cohen-Arazi, Background: Israeli 

The reading and writing class at the Tarbuton is the only option for us for our children to learn how to read and write in Hebrew. The teacher speaks Hebrew in class and encourages the kids to speak Hebrew as well. Our son finished  his third year in the reading and writing program and is able to read and write in Hebrew.

There’s a huge difference when learning to read and write from a native Hebrew speaker than an English speaker. The program is great and the kids get to read and learn some material that relates to the Jewish holidays. The classes are small enough and the teacher is amazing and very experienced. The kids get some homework during the year, so they can practice their knowledge and have them more engaged in the program. The Tarbuton also gave us a great opportunity to be more involved in the community and for our kids to meet and expand their Israeli/Hebrew speakers friends.

Our younger son participated in the playball class for 2 years. He enjoyed it and also got to meet new friends. It’s been a pleasure for us to take part in the Tarbuton programs and we are planning to enroll our younger son to the reading and writing class in the future.

Lastly, the founder is dedicated to have a cultural center for the community without the need to be a member of a specific synagogue. Being part of the Tarbuton teaches our kids about Israel and helps them build their self identity.

 שיעורי הקריאה והכתיבה בעברית בתרבותון היא האופציה היחידה שקיימת לילדינו ללמוד כיצד לקרוא ולכתוב עברית. המורה דוברת עברית בכיתה ומעודדת את הילדים לדבר עברית בזמן השיעור. הבן שלנו בוגר השנה השלישית בתוכנית קריאה וכתיבה, והוא מסוגל לקרוא ולכתוב בעברית. יש הבדל עצום כאשר לומדים לקרוא ולכתוב מדובר עברית לעומת דובר אנגלית .התוכנית מצויינת וחומר הלימוד מתייחס גם לחגים היהודיים. מספר התלמידים בכיתה נמוך והמורה מדהימה ומנוסה מאוד. הילדים מקבלים קצת שיעורי בית במהלך השנה, כדי שיוכלו לתרגל את הידע שלהם ולהגביר את מעורבתם בתוכנית. תרבותון גם נותן לנו הזדמנות מצוינת להיות מעורבים יותר בקהילה ומאפשר לילדים שלנו להיפגש ולהרחיב את מעגל חבריהם דוברי העברית.

 הבן הצעיר שלנו השתתף בשיעור playball במשך שנתיים. הוא נהנה מזה וגם זכה להכיר חברים חדשים. אנו שמחים לקחת חלק בתוכניות תרבותון ואנחנו מתכננים לרשום את הבן הצעיר שלנו לשיעורי קריאה וכתיבה בעתיד.

לבסוף, ייסדה את התרבותון ,מקדישה מזמנה כדי לקדם מרכז תרבות לקהילה הישראלית ללא צורך להיות חבר בבית כנסת מסוים ולשלם דמי חבר שנתיים .ההשתתפות בפעילויות התרבותון מחזקת את הזיקה לישראל והזהות העצמית של ילדינו.

Teacher Perspectives

Maya Cohen – Educator

I have been part of Tarbuton since 2007 and I must say it has brought me great pleasure to be part of it and to see many of your children. Throughout these years I have witnessed a proficient development of the children’s ability to understand and speak Hebrew. I feel proud when I see them conversing in Hebrew with me especially outside the classroom. In our reading and writing classes the children have worked hard and achieved the goals set forth by the program.

Currently the students in our advanced class are able to read and write and have expanded their knowledge by being introduced to Israeli poetry and literature. Our students in the beginner and intermediate classes are also on the same path to success.

Naava Michan – Educator

I have been involved with Tarbuton since 2007 teaching conversational Hebrew. It has been very satisfying to see the children learn and develop to their conversational Hebrew skills. I am always amazed by the children because in the beginning of the classes they seem shy, but by the end of the program they become confident and show great progress.

We are amazed to see how this program began as just one class once a week and has transformed to not only, multiple classes but more so it has become a community and a place of growth and identity. We always enjoy coming to the classes and are focused on creating a challenging, yet fun and hands on curriculum.

We are excited to be part of the Tarbuton community and to see more generations join us to learn about Hebrew language and Israeli culture. Thank you for your continued support.

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