Cafe v’Ivrit Fridays at Noon


Adults: Fridays at Noon

Location: UTC/La Jolla@JCC Bean (coffee shop)

A weekly casual gathering, non facilitated, just friends who speak some Hebrew gathering for lunch or a coffee. The Café v’Ivrit experience is for those who have some Hebrew skills, but are not necessarily fluent, who want to socialize in Hebrew.  Their conversations are in Hebrew, but at their own pace.  Great for newcomers to make new connections. Some Israelis have found a home in Café v’Ivrit too enjoying the social with this group of adults many of whom have lived in Israel, or have friends and family living in Israel.

This group began in 2007, is primarily American adults generally 50-70ish. The group speaks Hebrew at their own pace. Some Israelis join this well established social group.

More about Cafe v’Ivrit  (a mix of Hebrew learners and Hebrew speakers)


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