Gady Amor & Amir Tsuri


Gady Amor is a real estate appraiser and Amir Tsuri an engineer.  Gady created a digital radio station Kol California and has broadcast in Hebrew generally to the Israeli expat population in the US and to a vibrant community in Israel.  Broadcasting on Sat mornings for years, Gady has cultivated a following of listeners as well as guest DJs.

Eager to share Jewish, Israeli, and all kinds of music with the public, Gady began to offer the Jewish community the opportunity to create their own stations.  Partnering with Amir Tsuri, they created Kesher Audio whose purpose was to share the tools with others in the community seeking to build community through music their own way.

Gadi and Amir’s Projects – Get the Details

Kesher Audio
Kol California

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Is There More?  Kesher Audio has sweetened events such as Bira v’Nashira, the Celebrate Israel Festival and House of Israel Lawn Event.  They have also been invited to share their work with local education programs such as Kavod Hebrew Language Charter School.

Check out Gady’s 1 minute Video pitch @ the Jewish Community Hackathon 2017

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