Jewish Women’s Mosaic

What?  The Jewish Women’s Mosaic is dedicated to creating unity within the Jewish people by having women of all streams of Judaism come together to learn, experience and celebrate. Through a common shared heritage and the arts, women find ways to learn from and about each other.

By participating in our events our goal is for Jewish women from any background, through a shared experience, to develop an increase in understanding acceptance and connection to one another. We do this by facilitating multiple local panel discussions featuring women leaders of the community, culminating in a joint JWM EVENT that uses artistic and experiential education to explore the year’s chosen subject.


When? August 23rd 2018, October 10th 2018, Feb 5th 2019 and April 4th 2019 are the dates for this year’s JWM Panels. Following the last panel, JWM and Joane Max will be hosting an art premiere of the series of works Joanne will have created based on the inspiration she gleans from our panels, the connections being made and the discussions we have. This show will take place June 2nd 2019.

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