Jewish Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Fellowship

What?  Community members learning how to build a Jewish yoga, meditation and/or mindfulness practice. Fellows live in San Diego, identify as part of the Jewish community and want to impact something bigger than themselves — to grow as leaders, and innovators, and to share and learn from friends in the community.  The Fellowship runs for 6 months concurrently with school or work commitments. You do not have to be an expert or certified instructor to participate.

This is an inter-generational cohort. Fellows meet to offer practice sessions for each other, give feedback, and share ideas of how they will use the training to offer a practice to friends, in their neighborhoods or institutions, with work, etc.  Fellows have carte blanche to decide how, where and as they wish to use their learning as long as it is intended for Jewish community building and/or engagement.

The fellowship includes subsidized training (online) from the Institute of Jewish Spirituality known for best practices in the field. The fellowship requires no more than 20 hours which includes the training and local cohort support meetings to share ideas, progress, enjoy yoga together.

When?  Apply through October 31, 2018.  The fellowship runs through March, 2019.  Fellows will go through training online with the Institute during Fall 2018.

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Background:  Jennie created this fellowship after learning through the Jewish Community Hackathon there were many community members passionate about yoga, some even certified instructors and some curious, even eager, to enrich their practices Jewishly.  Jennie sought the support of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality blending their training into a unique fellowship experience to encourage more to build Jewish values into their practices and share the experience with the local Jewish community.

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