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What?   Working together to create a Jewish Intentional community / Urban Kibbutz in San Diego where it’s warm and sunny 364 days/year. This group aims to build a sustainable multi-generational community grounded in the Jewish calendar and Jewish values. Singles, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. The lay leaders envision a community that feels like home: warm, familiar and heimische (Yiddish for warm, homey, down-to-earth, and familiar).  As a community, they intend to celebrate Jewish holidays and take these opportunities to gather together with our friends, families, and neighbors; provide creative Jewish programming and education for children and adults; create opportunities for learning.

The community will have a large common area including an industrial kitchen and eating area that can accommodate 2-3 times the number of all occupants.  It will also have a large outdoor area for flexible use, edible garden and 20-30 family units (25-60 adults) with their own private living space, sleeping, living and cooking areas.  Residents are expected to a) pay for their living space plus “maintenance” fees that will cover food, cleaning, and more, b) work outside the community, c) contribute certain # of hours per month to preparing communal meals.

When?  Join a monthly planning session through the facebook to help launch Urban Kibbutz SD.

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