Israeli Cultural Experiences

What?  Israeli Cultural Experiences are music, theatre or dance events featuring Israeli artists visiting San Diego.

Events have featured authors Maya Arad and Noga Niv, and Gil Hovav,  dancer Ido Tadmor, actors Roy Horovitz in My First Sony and an evening of Israeli theater featuring highlights from 70 years, Yafit Josephson’s New Eyes show, and the Wandering Israeli from Israel. Singers  Israeli Kochav Nolad winner Liron Peled in evenings of Shira b’Tzibur.  See all for adults since 2011.

From 2008-2015 author Mirik Snir, and actors from Orna Porat theatre, and Jewish Circle Productions.   See all for children since 2008.  This tradition for children in San Diego is continued by Startup18 indie project TNUA.

The events bring Jewish and Israeli from all walks of life gather together to sing old and new Israeli songs.. enjoy Israeli theatre and music, and enjoy each too.

When?  Generally 2-4 events offered annually, sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes in a theater, watch the web site and Facebook for the next date.

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