Teatro Punto Y Coma

What?  Teatro Punto Y Coma is a Mexican-Jewish Theater Troupe that started as a troupe performing in Spanish.  Made up of community members who love to write, act and perform, they have in more recent years started to include plays in English, but always with Latino themes or Jewish themes or combinations of both.

Stories often come from familiar moments in Jewish life, and real life challenges, such as dealing with infertility, stories coming out of a Shiva for a beloved father, or checking in with a young adult living at home with a view into his relationship with his bubbie. Shows have been performed in the Old Town Theatre, Diversionary, and Lyceum Theatre among others.

Teatro Punto & Coma is a non-profit community theater that is a labor of love for the writers, actors and producers. All profits go to support programs at the Ken Jewish Community.

When?  Visit the Facebook to see what show opens next.

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