I Study Hebrew.com

This is another online option for Ivrit for adults and children.  I don’t have any experience with this program, but it appears to be a synchronous (live) program like Hebrew Online providing you the opportunity to engage with the professor and other students live during your class.  I really believe this method is ideal.  Seems worth checking out.  The link below takes you to the class information. http://istudyhebrew.com/index.asp      

Learn Hebrew

This site has an interesting set of categories of words you can learn including some critical phrases for the adult who has some knowledge but needs to fill in some vocabulary.  For example, there is a section on business terminology (like market size, revenue, etc.) and economics. http://www.learn-hebrew.co.il/ The site is well done with a blox that lets you click on the word to hear its pronunciation and phoenetic as well as hebrew spellings are visible.  The author has done a variety of other interesting sites for English and Spanish too.  Its… Read More

Hebrew Online

When I wanted to improve my own Hebrew, I turned to an online program, Hebrew Online, run out of Israel. The teachers were terrific, the program is solid. The program is synchronous learning: you log into the class at a designated time at your PC, the other classmates do as well from around the world. The instructor can be heard live, you respond live, and class is as if it were live: you will read, you will converse, you will be called on. http://www.hebrewonline.com Class material is relevant. Articles from the paper… Read More