Hebrew Online

When I wanted to improve my own Hebrew, I turned to an online program, Hebrew Online, run out of Israel. The teachers were terrific, the program is solid. The program is synchronous learning: you log into the class at a designated time at your PC, the other classmates do as well from around the world. The instructor can be heard live, you respond live, and class is as if it were live: you will read, you will converse, you will be called on. http://www.hebrewonline.com

Class material is relevant. Articles from the paper are used, songs, classic stories. The teacher uses a powerpoint like screen in the classroom software to share slides when needed. Follow up homework is provided to help reinforce new vocabulary. Conversation is a key componant of the class as well to get you speaking and not just reading or writing.

I really enjoyed this experience. They are a class act. You take an online test to determine your level. That is followed up by a phone call from them to confirm what they think is the right level for you. They then place you in a class.

You have to pay for the full session which feels like a lot of $$. However, during my session it amounted to about $25/class which is reasonable for good instruction.

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