Just for the Mitzvah – Crafts and Projects

I ran across this catalog recently, and it has some very inexpensive crafts for toddlers, young kids to do covering all the holidays, and Israeli crafts too for Yom Haatzmaot. I haven’t purchased anything here, but could see these items being useful for party favors, activities for chugim (activities) , etc. http://www.jewishcrafts.com/Israel.html       


This site was created by the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. to share with kids the story of Israel, its languages, currency, geography and food.  There are some nice coloring pages of hebrew letters, a lot of fun animation with really useful facts.  A very current and realistic view of Israel.  I think even young 4-6 yr old kids could enjoy it.  Certainly older kids will gain a lot from it.  There are even a few fun games.  http://www.israel4kids.org/

Music for Purim

These sites have a ton of music, mp3 files to hear the songs and also lyrics in English and Hebrew.  Not as many pdf downloads for sheet music as is available for other holidays. http://www.totshabbat.com/Purim-Tu-B-Shvat.html and http://www.hebrewsongs.com/purim.htm  has tons of lyrics in Hebrew