Brain Pop – Israel

This site is GREAT for older kids. Amazing topics, great animation, all in Hebrew. A great way too for adults learning Hebrew to have a quick lesson of interesting subjects online. Check it out when you have a chance.

Enchanted Learning

This site is rich with pages to download covering a ton of vocabulary sets – everything from items in rooms in the house, to different food groups, parts of the body, transportation/traffic, weather and more. Visit to download pages that provide the words in Hebrew as well as images to be colored by the kids. You can see the choices laid out by theme here: and a few extra choices such as maps of Israel and even some activity books like a dreidel one for Hannukah. The site makes a… Read More

Akhlah Inc – The Jewish Children’s Learning Network

Akhlah seems to be founded by some Rabbis wanting to provide a resource that helps children learn about Jewish tradition, prayer and thankfully Ivrit too. They have a fun site that contains information that is age appropriate and colorful about the holidays, Israel, Jewish Heros, traditions, parsha and my favorite the aleph bet pages. The Aleph Bet pages have a variety of pages to download – one for each letter of the aleph bet. The page has the letter in a variety of sizes and fonts to color and 3 words… Read More