IAC Eitanim San Diego Opens the Year

Last Chance to Apply!  Applications accepted through Thursday, COB 11/10/2016! Eitanim Teen Entrepreneur program San Diego launched Sunday 10/23 with over 20 students meeting for the first time.  Founder and CFO Ingram Losner of Proven Recruiting was our guest speaker. Ingram prepped the teens on corporate roles, and they successfully addressed questions in role: CEO, CTO, CFO and more about products they conceptualized to be brought to market. They were impressive! Next meeting is this Sunday 11/13/2016.  We begin the first of 3 projects.  Subject: Branding. The group is made up of… Read More

REGISTER NOW IAC EITANIM for Teens 2016-2017

FOR TEENS LEADERSHIP & COLLEGE READINESS 8th-12th grade 10 Sundays 5:30-8:30 p.m. REGISTER HERE! A teen entrepreneur program Israeli startup nation style.  Teens learn to research, pilot, present and sell their ideas. A cross between business skills learned in Junior Achievement and presentation skills learned in Model UN type programs, IAC Eitanim keeps Teens connected with Jewish friends, who share a passion for Israel, developing important skills and getting them ready for college. Price: $180 (Does not include cost of the annual summit/conference) after July 29th. Interview: An interview will be scheduled… Read More


MAHOLOHET ISRAELI DANCE TROUPE FROM ASHKELON Date: Tuesday, May 17 Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Ticket: $5 per child (up to 18 years old) $10 for adults – click here to purchase Location: San Diego Jewish Academy, 11860 Carmel Creek Rd, San Diego 92130. Ulam (A building) ALL FUNDS DONATED TO DANCE TROUPE Sponsored by Tarbuton and SDJA with support by Shevet Galim. Tour organized by MATI. 10th-12th graders from Ashkelon, Israel in a 35 minute performance followed by interactive dancing with the audience and/or Q&A too. The performance includes dance routines and singing…. Read More