IAC Eitanim San Diego Opens the Year

Last Chance to Apply!  Applications accepted through Thursday, COB 11/10/2016!

Eitanim Teen Entrepreneur program San Diego launched Sunday 10/23 with over 20 students meeting for the first time.  Founder and CFO Ingram Losner of Proven Recruiting was our guest speaker.

Ingram prepped the teens on corporate roles, and they successfully addressed questions in role: CEO, CTO, CFO and more about products they conceptualized to be brought to market. They were impressive!

Next meeting is this Sunday 11/13/2016. 
We begin the first of 3 projects.  Subject: Branding.

The group is made up of half American Jews and half Israeli-Americans – two groups that complement each other – building a stronger connection to Israel strengthens your Jewish identity while a stronger Jewish identity strengthens your connection to Israel. https://israeliamerican.wufoo.com/…/iac-eitanim-application/

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