Adult Hebrew

registerBuild confidence and  brush up before a trip to Israel, or get a jump start before Aliyah. Perfect for spouses of an Israeli husband/wife, and for those who travel to Israel.  Reinforce your Hebrew by attendance at Café v’Ivrit on Fridays at Noon.

Tachles Hebrew –Speak & Understand

Check Schedule for Dates/Times

Communicating Verbally for rapid improvement to speak and/or understand.
Students tend to be spouses of Israelis, with relatives in Israel, and/or those planning for extended stays in Israel.  Materials are transliterated; no reading/writing skills are required nor taught. Supplemental
Israeli cultural materials and emphasis on the experiential listening, tasting, and seeing Israeli  Art, Photography, music and Israeli food.

Traditional Ulpan – Develop Proficiency

Check Schedule for Date/Time. Offered when minimum of 6 enrolled.

Learn reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills with Textbooks and supplemental Israeli cultural materials. Emphasis on understanding Israeli Art, Photography, classic and contemporary music (lyrics and meaning) and Israeli food.

Beginner a primer including 8 week rapid reading/writing start, vocabulary for everyday conversations, reading, writing and speaking short sentences.

Intermediate introduce grammar, vocabulary, able to converse, discuss, report in class, read and write short passages, several sentence exchanges.

Advanced ability to read and discuss news topics, increased vocabulary for the ability to persuade, explain, elaborate, more advanced grammar.

For more information call 858-201-6094 x1

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