Public School Hebrew

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Request a Class @ Your Public School/District:

Beginner level classes are offered in several San Diego School Districts including Del Mar and Solana Beach School Districts.  Classess are offered after the bell on elementary campuses.

Any student enrolled in the District can attend a class at any District School location if they can walk/drive to the school where the class is offered. 

Continuing students are encouraged to attend a Tarbuton center mid week or Sundays for the best experience.

Children are assessed and grouped by level in Tarbuton centers and on Sundays we offer 5 levels of Hebrew and separate classes for Israelis/Hebrew speakers at an advanced level and pace.

Children who enroll in multiple classes, speak Hebrew at home and have regular attendance advance more rapidly.  Enroll in weekly Hebrew, add hours of Hebrew enrichment, Hebrew camps. With consistent attendance from pre-school – 8th grade, and your kids will be on a path to Hebrew language proficiency.

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