Dance & Music

Dance and music programs are designed to educate and stimulate the minds and imaginations through participation in high-quality Jewish and Israeli themed productions.  Our students learn and give back by participating in memorable ceremonies (Yom HaZikaron, Yom Haatzmaout, House of Israel Lawn Event) offering original shows that bring Israel to the community in their own special way.  Flyers in English and in Hebrew Here

DancTarbuton - Israeli Dance Program - 2013-2014e Troupe – Performing from 2009 to Present

Recreational dance for K-4th grade including dance to modern Israeli music and separate class for Rikudai Am/Folk Dance.

Dance Troupe for 5th-8th grade with an emphasis on performance and rehearsal requirements.  This group requires consistent attendance.  Performances throughout the year.  Past performances have included fundraisers, Yom Haatzmaout Festival and House of Israel Lawn Events.

Tarbuton - L'Hakat Shira - Israeli Singing Group - Description - 2012-2013 - EnglishCommunity Singing Group

Offered free to the community, with volunteer support.  Rehearsals begin in February weekly for Performances in April/May at Yom HaZikaron, Yom Haatzmaout and House of Israel Lawn Event.  Children city wide are invited to join us.

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