Teachers Perspectives

Maya Cohen – Curriculum and Training Coordinator

I have been part of Tarbuton since 2007 and I must say it has brought me great pleasure to be part of it and to see many of your children. Throughout these years I have witnessed a proficient development of the children’s ability to understand and speak Hebrew. I feel proud when I see them conversing in Hebrew with me especially outside the classroom. In our reading and writing classes the children have worked hard and achieved the goals set forth by the program.

Currently the students in our advanced class are able to read and write and have expanded their knowledge by being introduced to Israeli poetry and literature. Our students in the beginner and intermediate classes are also on the same path to success.

Naava Michan – Lead Educator

I have been involved with Tarbuton since 2007 teaching conversational Hebrew. It has been very satisfying to see the children learn and develop to their conversational Hebrew skills. I am always amazed by the children because in the beginning of the classes they seem shy, but by the end of the program they become confident and show great progress.

We are amazed to see how this program began as just one class once a week and has transformed to not only, multiple classes but more so it has become a community and a place of growth and identity. We always enjoy coming to the classes and are focused on creating a challenging, yet fun and hands on curriculum.

We are excited to be part of the Tarbuton community and to see more generations join us to learn about Hebrew language and Israeli culture. Thank you for your continued support.

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