Israeli? Israeli-American? American? Why Speaking Hebrew Matters

October 2015, citing statistics from the Reut Institute, the Israeli-American Council and the PEW report about Israeli-Americans, Jewish identity, education and Israel connection this article explores the important of Hebrew language for Israelis, Israeli-Americans and Americans too.  Written by Jennie Starr, Founder/CEO at Tarbuton Israeli Cultural Experiences in San Diego, CA. Read in English: @ Times of Israel  or at @eJewish Philanthropy Read in Hebrew: @Shavua Israeli (scroll to p. 27)

New Council of Modern Hebrew for North America

For years Hebrew language instruction, professional development, curriculum development has happened in the silos of type of program (i.e. Jewish Day Schools, Synagogue Movement programs (i.e. Conservative, Reform, etc.) and very little work has been done to identify means of teaching the Modern Hebrew language the way we learn other languages.  Two small organizations began to make good progress, the Hebrew Charter Center which opens Hebrew Language Charter schools in the United States, and Hebrew at the Center, previously at Brandeis University and now situated in Middlebury College. Taking the lead to… Read More

Hebrew for Elementary School Students – Fun & Convenient!

One hour of Hebrew a week is not enough.  Families who sign up for after school enrichment whether in Jewish or secular programs typically make choices out of convenience. Increasing the opportunities to learn and reinforce Modern Hebrew skills can help.  We offer Hebrew today in several District Elementary schools and hope to see that opportunity expanded in the years to come.  Information on Modern Hebrew in San Diego:  Del Mar School District – Solana Beach School District If the kids learn early ,we can add Hebrew after school on middle school… Read More