Jewish Engagement Lab – Marketing & Outreach Mar 28

YA KNOW WHAT’S HARD? Starting something new on your own! Join the Jewish Engagement Lab We can help you, while you help the community. This group inspires, encourages and supports Jewish innovation in San Diego. MARCH WORKSHOP: How do We Reach Our Community? Marketing & Outreach to SD’s Jewish Community/Participants/Organizations RSVP here In this workshop we will also cover marketing steps for obvious and available options to reach Jewish San Diego. Since 85% of the community is estimated not to be engaged, using traditional means does not often make inroads to reach… Read More

Idea Slam Entrepreneurs Transform Jewish San Diego Jan 8

#HACKJEWISHWEST #JEWISHINNOVATION 5 Projects will receive $2500 grants each May 7th, 2017! WHAT: Jewish or Israeli project founders let’s HACK Jewish San Diego and help you launch a project to enrich Jewish life in San Diego. Learn to pilot, fund, and increase your impact. Launch this year! IDEA BOARD: Not sure what we mean?  Check out the Startup18 Idea Board of innovation we love from around the country. WHO: Jewish and/or Israeli project founders, business coaches (entrepreneurs and more) WHY GET INVOLVED? Meet other project founders improving our communities, and enriching… Read More