Idea Slam Entrepreneurs Transform Jewish San Diego Jan 8

5 Projects will receive $2500 grants each May 7th, 2017!

WHAT: Jewish or Israeli project founders let’s HACK Jewish San Diego and help you launch a project to enrich Jewish life in San Diego. Learn to pilot, fund, and increase your impact. Launch this year!

IDEA BOARD: Not sure what we mean?  Check out the Startup18 Idea Board of innovation we love from around the country.

WHO: Jewish and/or Israeli project founders, business coaches (entrepreneurs and more)

WHY GET INVOLVED? Meet other project founders improving our communities, and enriching Jewish life in San Diego. Pro bono coaches engage with members in the Jewish community leveraging your strengths, skills and experience. Donors hear about innovative work that needs further nurturing and be a part of building a stronger and more engaged Jewish San Diego.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? 3 Jewish community engagement projects will be selected for grants sponsored by the Covenant Foundation. Two additional projects led by Israeli-Americans or related to Israel will be selected for grants sponsored by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Project founders are encouraged to participate in a Startup18 social venture lab program this year.

ASK US ABOUT: Project founders, Coaches and/or investors serious about getting involved and making a difference? Ask us about the Idea Slam on 1/8/2017 and Hackathon on 5/7/2017.

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