Hebrew Play – Boston Based – Web Site To Gather Communities Interested in Playgroups in Hebrew

The owner of this site contacted me this week, and I thought it was great idea.  http://hebrewplay.net/ The notion is to provide a space for people who are interested in play for little ones (seems to be centered on infant to age 3) and to share resources and ideas around playgroups, classes, Hebrew Immersion and books, CDs, etc. I am thrilled to see this.   The more that is built world wide around helping people connect through Hebrew Language, to Israel and to each other the better. They’ve done a good job of… Read More

Learning to Speak Hebrew – Use It !

If you don’t try and speak when you are learning a foreign language you may never learn. The first and most important thing to do is leave any insecurities behind and try to use what you know. We teach young children in Hebrew in San Diego – not in English. It doesn’t matter that they don’t understand. When a 3-6 yr old child has a sweet, fun teacher encourage her to play a game with friends in Hebrew she learns and follows along and has a good time. It doesn’t matter one… Read More

Tarbuton Ulpan, San Diego, CA

We have two Adult Hebrew programs.  One that is a traditional Ulpan, and the other that focuses on conversational and understanding Hebrew. We use an Ivrit b’Ivrit format.  Parents with children learning Hebrew in their own classrooms at the same hour, have the option to learn Hebrew the same hour.  Other adults join them to round out the classes. Our goal is to offer a cultural, Israel centric and ivrit b’ivrit format.  The intent is for the program to provide both a community to engage with that is working towards developing their… Read More