Learning to Speak Hebrew – Use It !

If you don’t try and speak when you are learning a foreign language you may never learn. The first and most important thing to do is leave any insecurities behind and try to use what you know.

We teach young children in Hebrew in San Diego – not in English. It doesn’t matter that they don’t understand. When a 3-6 yr old child has a sweet, fun teacher encourage her to play a game with friends in Hebrew she learns and follows along and has a good time. It doesn’t matter one iota that she didn’t understand every word.

The key to learning any foreign language is context – relevance – meaning. Learning a list of words and parroting them back is almost useless if you can’t put a sentence together and express yourself using the words you’ve learned.

Use the language skills you learn. Talk with friends, try them out. See how they sound. Go online and listen to Hebrew songs, videos, radio.

Its not easy to learn any foreign language. We meet children and adults who say that for years they have tried. They went to Hebrew School but didn’t learn Hebrew. They really want to be successful, but they don’t really try and use their skills. Don’t leave it at the door when you leave class. Carry it with you and use it.

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