Tenth Annual Slingshot Guide Highlights the Best of the Thriving Jewish Nonprofit World

San Diego, CaliforniaTarbuton has been named one of North America’s top 82 innovative Jewish organizations in the tenth annual Slingshot Guide. The Guide has become a go-to resource for volunteers, activists and donors looking for new opportunities and projects that, through their innovative nature, will ensure the Jewish community remains relevant and thriving. Slingshot 2014-15 was released today.

Selected from among hundreds of finalists reviewed by 112 professionals with expertise in grant-making and Jewish communal life, the Guide recognized the Tarbuton for being “at the center of immense Jewish experimentation, creativity and collaboration that is happening in San Diego.” Organizations included in this year’s Guide were evaluated on their innovative approach, the impact they have in their work, the leadership they have in their sector, and their effectiveness at achieving results. “This is our second year in the Guide, and we’re honored to be recognized again for our innovative cultural approach to Jewish life for American Jews and Israelis in San Diego.” said Jennie Starr, Director.

The Tarbuton was recognized for creating new entry-points to the Jewish community for local Jews & Israelis through Israeli cultural, non-denominational youth and adult Jewish programs. The Tarbuton, a San Diego Jewish Startup, founded in 2006, an independent 501c3, reaches over 1,500 households, 200-300 engaging in Israeli Cultural programming weekly or bimonthly programs. Over 110 children study in Tarbuton after school and Sunday programming. Bringing the Jewish community together through collaboration, the Tarbuton offers its programs in Carlsbad with JCoSD, in Del Mar with the Ken Jewish Community, and in Del Cerro at Temple Emanu-El. Bringing Israeli culture and Modern Hebrew to the general public, Modern Hebrew classes are offered in public schools in the Del Mar and Solana Beach school districts and Modern Hebrew story times in public libraries in Del Mar and Encinitas.

The Tarbuton provides Adult programming in collaboration with the Israeli House in Los Angeles, bringing Israeli plays and speakers to San Diego. The Jewish Federation of San Diego awarded Tarbuton a NextGen grant for 2014 – 2015 to collaborate with other area Jewish organizations in order to create exciting programming aimed at young adults.

Will Schneider, Executive Director of Slingshot, which publishes the Guide each year, added that “Slingshot is all about inspiring Jews to get involved in the Jewish community. After ten years the book remains relevant because it is a megaphone for exciting and meaningful projects. The target reader of the guide is not involved in Jewish life, in part because they had no idea there were new meaningful Jewish projects springing up all around them. Organizations in Slingshot often receive added press and funding from those who read about them, but the deepest impact is on our readers who dog-ear and highlight their copy of Slingshot, excited about the potential of the Jewish community. This tenth year of the Guide was more competitive than every year before, and the final product features the largest number of projects doing the widest variety of work.”

Being listed in the Guide is often a critical step for selected organizations to attain much needed additional funding and to expand the reach of their work. Selected organizations are eligible for grants from the Slingshot Fund, a peer-giving network of young donors with an eye for identifying, highlighting and advancing causes that resonate the most with the next generation of philanthropists. Furthermore, the Guide is a frequently used resource for donors seeking to support organizations transforming the world in novel and interesting ways.

The Tarbuton received a three-year challenge grant of up to $154,000 from the Leichtag Foundation to further its work to enrich Jewish life through Israeli culture. The Foundation is offering a 2:1 match. For those who donate to the Tarbuton for infrastructure and growth, they will see their donation tripled. Funds secured will significantly expand Tarbuton services over the next three years. Donations may be made online at http://www.tarbuton.org or may be mailed to Tarbuton, 441 Saxony Rd. Encinitas CA 92024.

About the Slingshot Guide

The Slingshot Guide, now in its tenth year, was created by a team of young funders as a guidebook to help funders of all ages diversify their giving portfolios to include the most innovative and effective organizations, programs and projects in North America. The Guide contains information about each organization’s origin, mission, strategy, impact and budget, as well as details about its unique character. The Slingshot Guide has proven to be a catalyst for next generation funding and offers a telling snapshot of shifting trends in North America’s Jewish community – and how nonprofits are meeting new needs and reaching new audiences. The book, published annually, is available in hard copy and as a free download at www.slingshotfund.org.

About Tarbuton

The Tarbuton mission is to strengthen the Jewish community through Israeli cultural experiences and Hebrew language, educating our next generation, connecting all ages to Israel and bridging the local Jewish and Israeli-American communities. The Tarbuton offers youth and adult programs throughout San Diego, CA. The Tarbuton was recognized in 2012 and 2014 by Slingshot as one of the most inspiring and innovative organizations in the North American Jewish community today. Tarbuton is a member of two after school Jewish programming networks, including Nitzan a network made possible through a generous grant from the Covenant Foundation and the Jewish Education Projects Hebrew Charter After School Network made possible through a generous grant from the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life. The Tarbuton is supported by the Leichtag Foundation, the Jewish Federation of San Diego County and the Israeli-American Council. To learn more info@tarbuton.org and www.tarbuton.org   




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