Enchanted Learning

This site is rich with pages to download covering a ton of vocabulary sets – everything from items in rooms in the house, to different food groups, parts of the body, transportation/traffic, weather and more. Visit http://www.enchantedlearning.com/label/hebrew.shtml to download pages that provide the words in Hebrew as well as images to be colored by the kids.

You can see the choices laid out by theme here: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/hebrew.shtml and a few extra choices such as maps of Israel and even some activity books like a dreidel one for Hannukah.

The site makes a lot of images available for free, but some they have essentially made impossible to print (click on view image (right mouse click over the image to get a menu with that choice) to see if you can get an image large enough to print.

They are trying to encourage site support, so for $20/month you can get access to the full site and easy to print images and pdfs of a some nice crafts they provide. I think it might be worth it frankly. There are truly hundreds if not thousands of amazing pages on this site for English pre-school learning as well. Fun alphabet pages to practice with, great crafts and more.

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