Akhlah Inc – The Jewish Children’s Learning Network

Akhlah seems to be founded by some Rabbis wanting to provide a resource that helps children learn about Jewish tradition, prayer and thankfully Ivrit too. They have a fun site that contains information that is age appropriate and colorful about the holidays, Israel, Jewish Heros, traditions, parsha and my favorite the aleph bet pages.

The Aleph Bet pages have a variety of pages to download – http://www.akhlah.com/aleph_bet/aleph-bet.php one for each letter of the aleph bet. The page has the letter in a variety of sizes and fonts to color and 3 words on each page that begin with that letter. You can play the sound of the letter for your kids at the PC if you like as well as print some flash cards if you want them.

Another page on the site provides more worksheets: http://www.akhlah.com/aleph_bet/aleph_bet_worksheets.php
for practice writing cursive, and once your child can read for review of a variety of vocabulary sets like colors, parts of the body, etc.

There are a lot of really nice surprises on this site. Spend a little time on it and you’ll also find things like a way to calculate your Hebrew birthday. Also each week they pick a word of the day and letter of the day and offer a showcase of a landmark in Israel as well as games around the parsha of the week. Its nicely done.

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