What: A dynamic young community reanimating Jewish life through celebration, learning, and sacred mission. Makom was piloted in Dallas, Tx in 2012 and founder Danielle Rugoff  is working to re-establish the program here in San Diego, CA.  Makom engaged hundreds of Jews by shattering preconceived notions on what young Jews want. 

Makom proved that Jewish communal innovation can succeed in any corner of the country, including smaller Jewish communities like Dallas, TX and San Diego. In Dallas, as in many cities throughout North America, Orthodox outreach organizations and synagogue affinity groups offer the only young adult engagement options. Through grassroots community building, Makom provides a new option designed to connect young Jewish adults with Jewish life on their own terms.

An initiative incubated by Dallas’ oldest and largest Conservative synagogue, Makom breathed fresh energy into Jewish life in Dallas, enhancing the Jewish identities and spiritual growth of all those who participate.  Danielle seeks to do the same thing here in San Diego. For participants, mostly non-synagogue members, Makom reimagines how to integrate daily Jewish experiences into people’s lives.

When:  In San Diego, Danielle has run pilot events in collaboration with other organizations, including a unique Shabbat experience, and a Seder experience at sunset at the beach.

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