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Tanya Lifshitz and Aleksandr Royter

Tatyana Livshits is a Russian Jewish Family Services program coordinator.  Aleksandr Royter, Tanya’s brother, is a San Diego businessman whose specialty is kitchen and bath remodeling. They are committed to bringing the Jewish Russian community together in a variety of ways in San Diego.  This diverse community will also include Israeli-Russians.

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In Royter’s Kitchen

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There’s More  Tanya ran a robust set of programs in San Diego for the Russian community including youth programs, holiday gatherings and featuring Russian Jewish music events.  The program lost it’s funding and they are working with supporters to re-kindle the programs for the community.

In Royter’s Kitchen

What?  The mission of the project “In Royter’s Kitchen”  is to promote Jewish living and organize Jewish social programs for  Russian Jewish families to educate them about their Jewish roots, their heritage, and Israel and to help them become active members of the Russian Jewish community and American Jewish community.

Developing and implementing these programs for the members of the Russian Jewish community is essential to strengthen their Jewish identity, and reconnect them to Jewish culture, Israel and the Jewish Community of San Diego and feel comfortable in American day to day life.

  • Events (organized around Shabbat and the Jewish holidays), for Russian speaking families to educate them about their Jewish roots, their heritage, and Israel
  • Havurot (friendship circles) for Russian families to socialize and celebrate holidays and life cycle events

The combination of services offered by the program will help to effectively address the needs of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  These services will be designed to help them gain the information and skills necessary to allow them to become increasingly self-reliant, to improve their quality of life and to become better connected with other Russians and non-Russian Jews and the larger San Diego community

When? Programs will be offered year round.


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Yarden Gingold & Miranda Koster

Yarden Gingold served in the IDF and then completed her studies at San Diego State where she met Miranda Koster.  The two had a chance meeting through Hillel on campus and became good friends.

Now graduates, they decided to create a fun experience for 20 somethings in San Diego that bridges Jewish-American and Israeli-American young adults – singles and young adults pre-family stage.

Yarden’s Projects – Get the Details

Beyond San Diego – השבט שלנו

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There’s More Yarden helped found IAC Eitanim in San Diego in it’s first year as the college student liason for this teen entrepreneurial program.