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Mondays and Sundays – Catalog & Schedule of Classes – Sept 2011 – June 2012
Class Meeting Dates – Sept 2011 – June 2012
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Adult Hebrew Ulpan

Children: Tarbuton Classes Taught in English Too
Children: Conversational Hebrew and Sifriyat Pijama – PJ Library StoryTime
Children: Israeli Dance Troupe – L’Hakat Rikud
Children: Israeli Singing Group – L’Hakat Shira


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Important Information – מידע חשוב

Hebrew classes – Hebrew Experience Required?

We offer Hebrew for beginners and for Bilinguals. A 6 student minimum is required per level. We do not always have all levels each semester, but are happy to open new classes if there is interest and demand mid semester.

Class Size & Age Groups

Class size is limited to 8 for pre-school and 10 for K-4. We group classes by level for Hebrew, and by age for Judaica/Israel hour. We create single age classes and levels when there is sufficient enrollment.

Reading/Writing Classes

Children must be in Kindergarten to begin our formal reading/writing program. Pre-school children begin reading readiness in their Hebrew class.

Fees, Refund & Make Up Policies

To Register: Confirm space at 858-245-9375 or . Classes are subject to cancellation if less than 6 students register. Payment: Checks to “Tarbuton” and mailed to PO Box 591, Del Mar, CA 92014. Credit Card payments online only. No Refunds. Make ups: Only if teacher cancels class or there is another class of same level on a different day.

Waitlist: A dated waitlist is maintained. Existing students have priority registration. Please email to inquire about availability and request registration forms or request alternative days/times.


FAQ – שאלות ותשובות

1. Is the Tarbuton a Religious School?

No, not really, its a non denominational fee for service program. We don’t teach children or adults how to pray; we focus on Hebrew language, traditional Jewish holiday celebrations and Israel. Some participants are also members at a Synagogue or attend Jewish Day School. The Tarbuton compliments their language studies and provides them with a Hebrew speaking community with whom to use their Hebrew. Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Jews all participate in our programs. For the many who are not affiliated with a Synagogue or who may not attend any other Jewish programs, the Tarbuton is home.

2. What If I’m Not Israeli

The community is filled with people who cherish Israel; people who have lived there, want to live there, have relatives there and want to visit there. There are many families with one Israeli parent and one not. 20% of the participants in the Ivrit b’Ivrit program are Americans with no other connection to Israel but a great love for Israel and a desire for strong conversational Hebrew skills. The community is heavily multi-lingual with some families with parents who speak Japanese, Russian, French and Spanish. Our Hebrew Immersion programs are appealing to both Israelis and non-Israelis and bring the entire community together for traditional Holiday celebrations and weekly activities.

3. Will My Child Speak Hebrew After One Year of Classes in the Tarbuton?

No, probably not. But, he/she will know/understand a tremendous amount of Hebrew, be comfortable in a Hebrew only speaking environment and be able to respond to questions in Hebrew. We encourage students to attend Tarbuton classes a minimum of twice/week. We also encourage consistent participation through your children’s school years. We have a solid curriculum for conversational and reading/writing and believe that consistent attendance over the years coupled with participation regularly in additional community activities conducted in Hebrew can produce strong conversational Hebrew speakers.

4. I’d Like To Know More About Hebrew Immersion. How Does It Work?

We wanted to know more too. So, we consulted with a Hebrew language immersion consultant when we founded the program. You can read more about her work and answers to frequently asked questions in the Q&A below.

Aviva Kadosh, the BJE’s Hebrew language Consultant, together with a team of educators provide ongoing field supervision to teachers and evaluation tools to principals in schools that are offering Hebrew Language Immersion in their pre-schools and early childhood grades.

Read a Q&A with Aviva Kadosh about Hebrew Immersion: click here

Read more about Aviva Kadosh and her work:

5. Why is Community So Critical to Language Acquisition?

A recent University research study showed that at least 1/4 of children who grow up in homes with two parents who speak a foreign language with their children still do NOT speak the language as adults. What was missing for these children? Children need to know their parents believe it is important for them to learn the language. They will look to see if the parents want to learn, if they use the language and with who, if they get engaged in the children’s study of the language. And most importantly, if the children do not have a community with whom to use their language skills they simply don’t use them. If you would like to read more contact us for a copy of the research study.

6. What Is the History of the Tarbuton?

Jennie Starr and her friend Rakefet Benderly founded the first classes of Ivrit b’Ivrit for their daughters who were 3 at the time in January, 06 in Carmel Valley. There are many “Thank You’s” owed to people who contributed and continue to contribute greatly to the success of our programs:

– Kef Benderly: For helping to found the first classes and marketing the program to families, helping to interview teachers and supporting the effort 100%

– Orna McCann: Our first Ivrit b’Ivrit teacher who enthusiastically took on the task of launching the program with us and making the program fun for our children

– Tsuffit Abuhav: Our second Ivrit b’Ivrit teacher who jumped in to carry on the program in its 2nd and 3rd sessions before she returned to Israel.

– Rabbi Piekarski, Chabad Del Mar: Who provided us with our original location. He did so without hesitation welcoming us with open arms.

– Brian Blacher who graciously gave us our second home in Sorrento Valley

– Rabbi Avi Libman, Rabbi Phil Graubart and Amit Dagan for their generous support moral and operational at Congregation Beth El

– Ellen Fox for her enthusiasm and generous support moral and operational at Temple Solel

– The Board of the Ken for generous support both, ideas and suggestions and ongoing operational support

7. Who are the Director, the Teachers and Instructors of the Tarbuton and what is their experience?

Our Director is a Lawyer with substantial business experience marketing and developing new products. She is the Founder and Manager of cultural and educational programs in San Diego since January, 2006 and local Israeli community programs since 2003. She is also a parent of 2 young children who are the motivation for the Tarbuton programs and the desire to nurture a warmer, more cohesive local Jewish Community.

Teachers are San Diego Israelis who believe in teaching in Hebrew. They have degrees in education and/or substantial teaching experience in after school environments. They are passionate about helping children and adults learn to confidently speak and understand Hebrew and they are creative and fun in their methods.

Our teachers each have a BA in Education or in Hebrew Language. 3 of our teachers have degrees from Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel-Aviv. They have years of experience working in classrooms with children in Israel and the US. Several are teaching in local pre-schools in the mornings or Jewish Day Schools and join us in the afternoons.

8. Can You Point Me Towards Resources for Learning Hebrew?

Check out our blog for ideas about other resources in Hebrew – for children and adults.


We recommend the following Israeli children’s CDs the teachers use in the children’s program; 1. Ba li mesiba li,  2.Makarena, 3.Pim Pam Poh, 4. Shirei Yom Huledet

Also, some suggested books to read to your kids. These are classics the kids may know in English and you can read them in Hebrew to them as well: The Hungry Caterpiller, The Giving Tree, Good Night Moon and Dr. Seuss

9. Is It Possible To Make a Donation to Support the Tarbuton?

Yes. And we’d really love your help! The Tarbuton is an independently run program without any subsidy or financial support from any local Jewish organization.  The Tarbuton Director, Jennie Starr currently donates her time to build and operate the programs with support from some parent volunteers. Teacher salaries and operational costs are covered exclusively by class fees from parents.

If you are interested in supporting the Tarbuton, we would love to receive donations. Funds would be used to create new classes more rapidly to accommodate demand. Donations are tax deductible; the Tarbuton is a non profit with 501c3 tax exempt status.  To donate click here.

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