Family Groups

Parents have through the years made their friends and started new groups around interests of theirs, and these groups have been meeting for years.  An online Google group connects friends virtually and the regular meetings in person give a great way to see friends when you have time.

Have an idea for a new group?  Let us know!  We’ll help you get started and you can run it your way.

Kishkushim קישקושים – קבוצת הורים לילדיםJoin!

“מוכרים עגלה ועריסה..”
“המלצה על רופא ילדים?”

Playgroup meets week day mornings; ideal for parents with toddlers not yet in pre-school full time or not attending.  Timing varies during the year depending on who is running it and where they live.

Mailing list: for local parents an online exchange to sell infant, children’s furniture, get advice re doctors, schools, make friends with kids the same age.  Click to Join – then email the list:

Nipagesh Let’s Meet – San Diego Israel Connections – Join!

This online community is a pilot in 2014-2015, bringing local children together with Israeli school children through an online secure and private “facebook” like application.  We’re taking pen pals “digital” connecting San Diego Jewish children and new friends in Israel.  Local teens manage communities online through a unique internship offered in Spring 2015.

Apply for 1 of 10 spots in Teen Online Community Manager Internship – Click hereJob Description
Apply for 1 of 120 spots for Children. Parent/teacher logins included. – Click here

Family Holidays – Israeli Style

Celebrate Jewish holidays with Israeli music, traditions and Hebrew. On our own or in collaboration with Partner Jewish Synagogues or organizations, we have celebrated Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Tu b’Shvat, Purim, Pesach, Yom Haatzmaout, Yom HaZikaron, Lag Baomer and Shavuout together over dating back to 2007.

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